Based in Southampton, providing surrounding areas...

At KOAST (Southern), we understand the importance of accessibility and convenience in professional training. That's why we've expanded our reach to cover a broad range of areas, ensuring quality construction and Streetworks training is available to more professionals across the region. Our coverage extends throughout Southampton and beyond, aiming to accommodate the needs of individuals and businesses alike.

We are committed to making our top-tier, CITB Approved Training accessible to a diverse array of clients. Whether you're based in the heart of Southampton or the surrounding areas, our goal is to ensure you have access to the best in construction and groundwork training. Our instructors are ready to deliver our comprehensive courses in various locations, making it easier for teams and individuals to participate without the constraint of travelling far.

Our coverage isn't just about geography; it's about providing consistent, quality training across all locations. We maintain the same high standards of education and practical learning no matter where you are. With KOAST (Southern), you can expect an unwavering commitment to excellence, ensuring that the training you receive is nothing short of the best, wherever you are.